BubbleBox 2017

We’ll maintain the BubbleBox throughout the season to help get a clearer picture of exactly where teams stand, in addition to Bracketology 2017 which is updated weekly.  The grid below tracks all the teams currently in the conversation from a tournament bid, categorizing their status from LOCK to bubble – OUT.  Teams will come and go from the BubbleBox and statuses will surely rise and fall.  Teams considered a LOCK are certain – beyond a doubt – in the tournament, even if they lose every game the rest of the way.  We likely won’t start locking teams in until early-mid February.

Last Update: Through games on January 9, 2017 (click image for link)

Note: Original credit for this concept goes to www.thebracketboard.com a (now inactive) Bracketology site that I saw put this to good use in the past.